Fitness is very important for daily living. Here is some reasons to do so

it is one of the most important aspects of life. Everybody should do exercise regularly. It should be involved in everyone’s daily routine. Being physically fit have its own advantage. Here are some benefits of doing regular exercise as a part of your daily life.

1. Will control your wieght and will make you look attractive

Doing physical exercise is a better way to control your weight. Controlled eating and having a balanced diet will also control your body weight but doing physical exercise have its own advantages over body wieght. When you eat healthy food you controls your wieght as now there will be no storage of fat in your body as you have limited its consumption. But, when you do physical exercise, you burn fat and also lose weight but the main advantage is that you also your muscles as well.

When you controlled your weight as you desired its make you looked attractive and in shape. It also help you to gain muscles which helps you to stay fit and now you can do work more efficiently. Fitness improves your appearance not only by helping you maintain your weight and muscle mass, but also by helping you appear more bright, healthy, and vibrant. This will also make a good impact on people you meet, it can motivate others to do physical exercise

2. It will improve your health and will maintain it for long time

This is the one and only effect of doing physical exercise on which no one can argue with you and will definitely agree with you. According to the National Health Service, regular physical fitness helps combat a wide range of health conditions and diseases ranging from heart disease, diabetes, some types of cancer, and so much more. Doing physical exercise makes your internal mechanism more efficient and boost up your immune system which is responsible for protecting you from alien disease causing organisms. So use fitness not only to look attractive but also to give your life a gift of health and pleasure.

3. Will increase your happiness and will maintain your mood and emotional health

Fitness will give you mental health in addition to physical health. Studies, including this one from the Mental Health Foundation, have shown that exercising on a regular basis greatly reduces mental problems, including depression and anxiety. One of the common and basic reason for this is that when you exercise you inhale a lot of oxygen which mix with your blood and goes to your brain giving it oxygen rich blood which increases it’s productivity and it’s efficiency.

Fitness provides you a fit body as well as a fit mind. It helps you to maintain your mood and will provide you with more happiness throughout your day. It also reduces stress, improves memory, and helps you sleep better at night. Having a fit mind will always give you fresh thoughts rather than depressing and negative ones. So, try exercise if you want a healthy life in which you can stay calm and can do work efficiently without getting much tension and will also make you less available for depression.

. Will create a better social life which will leads you to a better relationships

Everybody wants that in their life there must be happiness specially from people who you loved. When you feel happy inside than it will be easier for you to talk to new people and make some new relationships. This will also help you maintain and fix and will also develop your existing relationship. Fitness will also help you to establish new social contact. If you have joined any gym or any physical fitness class then there eyou will be surrounded by like minded people which is good for maintaining a better relationship. These new social contacts have a two-part benefit. You meet new people, but also meeting new people that also like fitness is a huge motivator to keep working out.

A study from the Journal of Health and Social Behavior shows that exercising in public places with people you know around motivates the exercise behavior.

So, I hope that this will motivate you and will make you feel to be physically fit.